Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer

Know your requirements. Understand what you need the multifunction printer to do for you and your end users

Colour Office Systems


XTEC Xerox offers a number of all-in-one devices to meet your business needs, including our colour laser multifunction models. Save time by storing frequently used print or copy settings and use open architecture functions to create customised print solutions. Irrespective of your budget, XDN Xerox can provide the best multifunction colour printer for your office requirements.

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Business Solutions

Our business solutions are designed to help you work smarter through business drivers such as innovation, cost efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Support & Service

We back all of our devices with comprehensive support. With one of the largest service networks in the industry we offer peace of mind for the most demanding office environments.


We are committed to measurably sustainable solutions in office environments. These can be achieved while at the same time improving user convenience and efficiency during operations.

Why Choose XTEC Xerox?

XTEC Xerox assists businesses to work smarter and more efficiently. Our unparalleled range of multifunction devices, printers and copiers makes it possible to reduce printing costs, streamline business processes and automate common tasks. Select from our cost-effective black-and-white printers, our feature-packed ApeosPort colour printers, or compact yet powerful DocuCentre printers. Thanks to our range of software solutions, businesses can also save time and money by connecting their multifunction devices to common document management systems.

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